Our features

Hold Wallets

Rabet allows you to export or import an encrypted backup file of all your wallets at once without the hassle.

Save Frequent Addresses

You can easily access your favorite addresses while doing asset transfers by adding them to the Contacts section.

Swap at Best Rates

By leveraging the Horizon aggregator, we find the best path for your swap requests which lets you carry out your exchange at the best rate.

Compatibility with all platforms

Extension, Desktop , Mobile

Rabet works on desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux), mobile (PWA), and browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave).

Download Rabet
rabet extensionrabet mobilerabet desktop

Interact with Stellar Apps

Rabet allows you to securely interact with all the apps on Stellar and control how they interact with you.

Mix & Match Operations

With Rabet, You can pick and perform different Stellar operations simultaneously in the advanced mode in a straightforward manner.

Reconfigure Preferences

You have the option to change your account explorer, auto-lock timer, privacy mode, and currency.

Download Rabet

With the extension wallet, see the World Wide Web through Stellar's lens
With the desktop version, live like a holder
With the mobile app, hold Stellar in your hands