Our features

Take charge of your interaction

Rabet allows you to manage the websites that interact with you, and if necessary, revoke their permissions with one tap.

rabet interactionrevoke

Make many & any operations

With Rabet, you can perform any operation in the Stellar network as many times as you want, all with a simple and beautiful UI.

Compatibility with all platforms

Extension, Desktop , Mobile

Rabet works on desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux), mobile (PWA), and browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave).

Download Rabet
rabet extensionrabet mobilerabet desktop

Suitable for asset issuers

Asset issuers can manage their generated assets in their accounts by changing their flag status in a simple environment.

Personalization at your fingertips

In the settings menu, you have the option to change your account explorer, auto-lock timer, privacy mode, and currency.