A Bridge Between Web3 And The Stellar Network

Rabet is a free and open-source browser extension wallet designed for the Stellar network by which you can manage your assets and interact with Stellar apps.


For users

Rabet is completely open-source. User information is encrypted and kept exclusively on local storage which significantly improves security.Users can check their balance, manage assets, send operation, and log in to various Apps on the Stellar platform.


For developers

Developers can interact with users and Stellar using the Rabet API the same way Ethereum developers do with MetaMask. Stenk is usable for all apps built on the Stellar network because it supports all operations.

Useful by design

Perform all the operations on the Stellar network in a beautiful and understandable user interface.

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Secure by default

Your information is at your disposal. In Rabet, your data is encrypted and stored locally on your browser.

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Enjoyable by interaction

Interact with Stellar Network apps in a confident and transparent bridge.

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